Viticulture meetings and workshops are a primary method of information delivery for the Wine Grape Program.  We try to get the best speakers from regional viticulture extension and researchers to international consultants to address relevant topics of current concern to wine growers in the region. We welcome your input about possible meeting topics and speakers.

Viticulture workshops, meetings and seminars delivered by the Penn State Wine Grape Program are generously funded by grants from the Pennsylvania Wine Marketing and Research Program and the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences.

Workshop and Meeting Handouts, Presentations and Summaries

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Wine Grape Integrated Pest Management Workshop, March 2013

Grape IPM Workshop Program 

Grower Perspective on Post-veraison Problems - Galen Troxell, Galen Glen Vineyard

Early-season Flower and Cluster Disease Control - Bryan Hed, Penn State (3.5MB)

Late-season Disease Control: cluster rots and downy mildew - Alice Wise, Cornell (5MB)

Bird Netting in Vineyards  - Libby Tarleton, Cornell (8MB)

Wasp and Bee Management in Grapes  - Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann, Cornell (4MB)

Grape Berry Moth and Spotted Wing Drosophila - Mike Saunders, Penn State (9MB)

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug: a new and very important pest of grapes and wine -  Joe Fiola, Univ of Md (7MB)

Calibrating your Sprayer - Marty Keen, Landey Vineyards

Development of a Low Cost Vertical Patternator (Part 2) - Marty Keen


Wine Grape Integrated Pest Management Workshop, March 2012

Cabernet Franc at EWE,  March 2012

Collection of Cabernet Franc Articles and Information (1.9MB)

Cabernet Franc for Fine Wines - Adam McTaggart, winemaker at Boxwood Vineyard, VA

Growing Cabernet Franc in the Mid-Atlantic (Chien) - a grower's guide (7.5MB)

Optimizing Varietal Fruit Character in Cabernet Franc (McTaggart) - a guide from vineyard to cellar

Maryland Wine Industry Annual Meeting, February 2012

Finding Your Way to Vine Balance - a presentation about vine size and balance (4.9MB)

Establishing a New Wine Region - putting an emerging region on the wine map (19MB)

Ontario Notes and Ont Fruit/Veg Convention, February, 2012

Ontario Notes - impressions of vineyards, wineries and wines

Garagistes in America - growing fine wine on average sites (5.8MB)

Effects of Early Defoliation on Shoot Photosynthesis, Yield Components... - Stefano Poni

Coastal Vineyard Care Farming Model - connecting bottle price to viticulture

Jim Wolpert and Jesus Yuste Viticulture Seminar, August 2011

Daniel Roberts Seminar, July 2011

Wine Grape Integrated Pest Management Workshop, March 2011

Andy Erickson and Jeff Newton Workshop, February 2011

Commercial Vineyard Pruning Workshop, January, 2011

Bordeaux Viticulture Workshop July, 2010

Sustainable Viticulture May, 2010

Grape Disease Workshop April, 2010

New Grape Grower Workshop, February, 2010