The Wine Grape Production Guide for Eastern North America, edited by Dr. Tony Wolf at Virginia Tech, it is the technical guide for wine growing in the non-Western states.  It is the foundation of knowledge that your own experience will build upon.  Read it carefully, and often.

Resources for New Grape Growers

Starting a high quality commercial wine vineyard isn’t easy.  The main goal of anyone who wishes to develop a vineyard is to fill the knowledge gap.  Even people with experience in agriculture do not necessarily have an understanding of the finer points of viticulture. The information resources for establishing a vineyard are widely available and listed here.  Please take time to browse through them and begin your process of self-education.  There are formal training programs such as the 1 or 2 years Viticulture and Enology Program at Harrisburg Area Community College or the 4-year undergraduate program at Cornell University.  You can hire a consultant to fill the knowledge gap. Tailor your project to what suits your needs.  Please pay particular attention to the INFORMATION RESOURCES LIST that contains critical educational and resource materials.

As a practical complement to the wine production guide, Mark Chien has drawn on his 20 years of experience as a wine grower in Oregon and New York to compile a how-to manual for planning, designing and developing a commercial wine vineyard.  It is still in draft, pre-published form but it is available for use.  Click HERE to download a PDF copy of the manual.